Yoga with Jules

Gently opening up to the holding within, coming home to yourself

My yoga training in Transformational Hatha Yoga was in 2012 with Michelle Kaminski of Yoga Alliance International, in Lagonissi, Greece.

THY is based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo who believed in a ‘divine’ life on earth through spiritual realisation. This practise is known as Integral yoga and utilises asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation.

Restorative yoga is a deeper exploration of yoga postures and breathing…

Since my training I have worked with many inspiring teachers of different styles. Billy Doyle non duality meditative poetic, Bill Wood a brilliant, joyful self styled teacher drawing from many areas including Scaravelli, Diane Long one of Vanda Scaravelli’s closest, long term students.

Yoga In Kirkbymoorside

As a hands on therapist…massage, aromatherapy, reflexology..I am interested in the triggers that help us relax, find balance and health both in the body and mind.

I have developed a way of integrating this hands on approach with yoga practise, so we continually look at the breath, get more in touch with the body, how it feels when we open to a yoga posture and finding gentle ways in to allowing that opening. I work with small groups and often use props to enable the body to find ease in a pose rather than over stretching into it.

Restorative yoga is a deeper exploration of yoga postures and breath using bolsters, blankets and other props in order to allow the body to completely settle and then to find deep relaxation, postures are held for longer 3-15 minutes.

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