Metamorphic Technique with Jules

The Metamorphic Technique was developed by a Naturopath, Robert St John, who wanted to find the trigger that caused illness and stress. In the 1960’s Robert St John worked a lot with people in various therapies but wondered why some people never really managed to get better permanently. Healing and change often occurred but then after some time a return of the same or different symptoms would occur.

The ancient forms of healing such as acupuncture, reflexology and shiatsu all rely upon maps of the body and certain areas being a reflection of other areas. For instance in reflexology the spine is represented in the foot along the inside bony arch, when someone with back problems has a reflexology treatment it is this area that will be worked in order to help to improve the back.

The Metamorphic Technique is a development of this way of working and also uses maps to work on the hands head and feet. Instead of trying to heal a certain problem the technique rather is the creation of an environment where something can be free to express itself. Some people find a deep state relaxation when receiving a session others report back that they have done something unusual or found a solution to something that had been bothering them for some time.

A session lasts an hour and can be used on a regular basis, often people seem to know when they need another session after trying it for the first time.