Jules Watson

Julie Watson

Thirty years ago I came across a little known way of working called The Metamorphic Technique. I found that it was very useful with children as well as adults and became interested to know how it worked. I attended some workshops and learnt how to give sessions which led on to studying with Gaston Saint-Pierre, the developer of the technique. In 2004 I completed a practical and theoretical teacher training course which enabled me to begin to teach practitioners.

I have worked as a natural health practitioner since 1993 when I discovered the benefits of massage for back problems and general stress. I trained in Massage with the Association of Natural Medicines and then followed this with Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Over the years I have developed an understanding of how stress gets locked in to the body and mind and how effective this work is in coaxing it out.

I find a mixture of therapies useful when working with clients and their different needs.

I am concerned with health and realize that if we give ourselves the right environment then we can grow and flourish. I have been involved with various projects that aim to support this such as a Natural Birth Centre and Natural Health Centre in Devon and now in North Yorkshire a Natural Health Centre and Yoga Retreat Company.

I live on the North York Moors on a hill farm with huge skies and wonderful bird life.

Sailing, walking and being in nature are my favourite pastimes.