Cranial Osteopathy

Darren ChandlerCranial osteopathy is a gentle non-invasive technique aimed at areas of stress and tension around the head. For this reason it is typically associated as a treatment of choice for babies and infants but it is widely used on adults as well.

Cranial osteopathy for babies

Babies undergo tremendous forces during childbirth as they twist and turn in order to squeeze through the birth canal and pelvis. This is of course perfectly normal as the baby’s head is designed to accommodate these strains.

After giving birth sucking, crying, yawning and general movement helps any accumulated tension around the body and head release. However, sometimes, especially with a traumatic childbirth or if the baby’s been lying in an abnormal position during pregnancy, not all of these tensions go away.

Gentle relaxing osteopathic techniques can be performed all over the body including the head (cranial osteopathy) on these areas of tension.

Cranial osteopathy for adults

When you think of your head commonly people think of a skull, a piece of solid bone. The head is full of different types of soft connective tissue that can get tight and painful which is where, for example, they inject botox or where you rub around your temples when you get a headache. Osteopaths use their detailed knowledge of the cranium (head) and skilled sense of touch to release areas of tension that get held tight be it through trauma, clenching or grinding teeth (bruxism), staring at screens, talking, chewing, etc.

Cranial osteopathy can be used by itself or in conjunction with other osteopathic techniques.

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