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Debbie Sheehan

I started my yoga journey over 20 years ago when I needed help to recover movement in my left shoulder after breaking my collar-bone. 

Sammantha Gitzen

My first encounter with reflexology was as a gift on my 24th birthday. This treatment left me feeling deeply relaxed and with my feet positively glowing. Later that night I enjoyed the best nights sleep and woke the next morning feeling energised.

Nadja Schutt

The magic of what yoga does, how it makes one feel more full and connected with oneself and the world, never ceases to amaze me. I simply love it!


Jules Watson

I have worked as a natural health practitioner since 1993 when I discovered the benefits of massage for back problems and general stress.

Tsering Jones

I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and have now been practising acupuncture for 7 years.


Liz Burnham

After qualifying as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in 2009 I have worked in a number of NHS settings and for an established Counselling Charity, as well as having my own private practice.

Liz Vowles

Liz’s Yoga classes begin and end with relaxation allowing you to connect with the breath and begin to let go of tension in the body.