Aromatherapy for Women with Jules

As an Aromatherapist I have developed an understanding of how certain aromatic plant oils can help to enhance relaxation and healing when used in a blend for massage. The oils penetrate through the pores in the skin and enter the blood stream where they can have a dynamic effect upon the various systems of the body. There are hundreds of oils used in aromatherapy and quite often a blend of two or three can be beneficial as the chemicals of the oils can interact and enhance the overall performance of a blend.

There are oils which can help to strengthen the immune system and help to aid recovery from virus’ and infections. There are oils which help to calm and soothe by deepening the breath and relaxing the muscles. There are many oils which can support the hormonal system and the various stresses often met at certain times in life.

I am particularly interested in working with women who are experiencing life changing stresses, aromatherapy is a wonderful way of re-learning how to feel relaxed and nurtured. Many women spend a lifetime of naturally giving out care and attention to others and find it hard to receive it themselves. Aromatherapy can help to redress this imbalance and bring back a sense of wholeness to life.

A treatment is a good hour and it’s better that there isn’t too much to do afterwards!

Jules Watson